Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Hafiz Shirazi


O beautiful wine-bearer, bring forth the cup and put it to my lips
Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships.
With its perfume, the morning breeze unlocks those beautiful locks
The curl of those dark ringlets, many hearts to shreds strips.
In the house of my Beloved, how can I enjoy the feast
Since the church bells call the call that for pilgrimage equips.
With wine color your robe, one of the old Magiís best tips
Trust in this travelerís tips, who knows of many paths and trips.
The dark midnight, fearful waves, and the tempestuous whirlpool
How can he know of our state, while ports house his unladen ships.
I followed my own path of love, and now I am in bad repute
How can a secret remain veiled, if from every tongue it drips?
If His presence you seek, Hafiz, then why yourself eclipse?
Stick to the One you know, let go of imaginary trips.






Where is sensible action, & my insanity whence?
See the difference, it is from where to whence.
From the church & hypocritical vestments, I take offence
Where is the abode of the Magi, & sweet wine whence?
For dervishes, piety and sensibility make no sense
Where is sermon and hymn, & the violin's music whence.
Upon seeing our friend, our foes put up their defense
Where is a dead lantern, & the candle of the sun whence?
My eye-liner is the dust of your door and fence
Where shall I go, tell me, you command me whence?
Take your focus from your chin to the trap on the path hence,
Where to O heart, in such hurry you go whence?
May his memory of union be happy and intense
Where are your amorous gestures, & your reproach whence?
Make not restlessness & insomnia, Hafiz's sentence
What is rest, which is patience, and sleep whence?





That beautiful Shirazi Turk, took control and my heart stole,
I'll give Samarkand & Bukhara, for her Hindu beauty mole.
O wine-bearer bring me wine, such wine not found in Heavens
By running brooks,  in flowery fields, spend your days and stroll.
Alas, these sweet gypsy clowns, these agitators of our town
Took the patience of my heart, like looting Turks take their toll.
Such unfinished love as ours, the Beloved has no need,
For the Perfect Beauty, frills and adornments play no role.
I came to know Joseph's goodness, that daily would increase
Even the chaste Mistress succumbed to the love she would extol.
Whether profane or even cursed, I'll reply only in praise
Sweetness of tongue and the lips, even bitterness would enthrall.
Heed the advice of the wise, make your most endeared goal,
The fortunate blessed youth, listen to the old wise soul.
Tell tales of song and wine, seek not secrets of the world,
None has found and no-one will, knowledge leaves this riddle whole.
You composed poems and sang, Hafiz, you spent your days well
Venus wedded to your songs, in the firmaments' inverted bowl.


O pious of the heart, I am lost in a love, so great
O pain the hidden secrets will become open debate.
Shipwrecked we just float, O favorable wind arise,
May we one more time gaze upon that familiar trait.
Passage of time and the stars, are but what we fantasize
For compassion and kindness, it is never too late.
In the circle of wine and roses, nightingaleís song is prize
With the aroma and the wine your senses satiate.
O Thou compassionate one, life giver and the wise
One day bestow thy grace upon this mendicantís state.
For peace of this world and the next, understand what I advise
Magnanimity the lot of friends, and with foes try to relate.

In the land of repute, our passage they will dispute
If this will not suit, donít stay mute, and transmute dictates of fate.

When destitute and in need, let your love and passion breed
Lifeís alchemy, essence and seed, unimagined wealth shall create.

If unruly with pride, with a candleís zeal your flame will rise
Beloved turns stone to lava, and molten wax manipulate.
The Grail contains but wine, if only you realize
Then the Kingdom of the world, at your feet prostrate.
The good and wise Magi, forgivers of lives and lies
Bearer bring good news, drunkardsí wine consecrate.
With this wine stained robe, Hafiz would never disguise
O untainted pure Master, exempt us from this fate.




O wine-bearer brighten my cup with the wine
O minstrel say good fortune is now mine.
The face of my Beloved is reflected in my cup
Little you know why with wine, I always myself align.
Eternal is the one whose heart has awakened to Love
This is how Eternal Records my life define.
So proud are the tall beauties of the world
Outshines all the others this handsome spruce of mine.
O breeze if by chance you pass through friendly gardens
From me to my Beloved, please give a sign;
Ask why you choose to forget my name?
Will come the one to whom an audience you decline.
Intoxication pleases my Beloved and my Lord
To the wine, they would assign, my life's design.
What if on Judgement Day, no favor would be gained
From eating bread and leaving a forbidden water so fine?
Hafiz, let a tear drop or two leave your eyes,
May we ensnare the Bird of Union, divine.
The sea of the skies and the gondola of the moon
With the grace of the Master, radiantly shine.

The bright moon reflects your radiant face
Your snowcapped cheekbones supply water of grace
My heavy heart desires an audience with your face
Come forward or must return, your command I will embrace.
Nobody for good measures girded your fields
Such trades no one in their right mind would chase.
Our dormant fate will never awake, unless
You wash its face and shout brace, brace!
Send a bouquet of your face with morning breeze
Perhaps inhaling your scent, your fields we envision & trace.
May you live fulfilled and long, O wine-bearer of this feast
Though our cup was never filled from your jug or your vase.
My heart is reckless, please, let Beloved know
Beware my friend, my soul your soul replace.
O God, when will my fate and desires hand in hand
Bring me to my Beloved hair, in one place?
Step above the ground, when you decide to pass us by
On this path lie bloody, the martyrs of human race.
Hafiz says a prayer, listen, and say amen
May your sweet wine daily pour upon my lips and my face.
O breeze tell us about the inhabitants of city of Yazd
May the heads of unworthy roll as a ball in your polo race.
Though we are far from friends, kinship is near
We praise your goodness and majestic mace.
O Majesty, may we be touched by your grace
I kiss and touch the ground that is your base.

When you hear the loversí words, think them not a mistake
You donít recognize these words, the error must be your take.
The here and hereafter cannot tame my spirit and soul
Praise God for all the intrigue in my mind that is at stake.
I know not who resides within my heart
Though I am silent, he must shake and quake.
My heart went through the veil, play a song
Hark, my fate, this music I must make.
I paid no heed, worldly affairs I forsake
It is for your beauty, beauty of the world I partake.
My heart is on fire, I am restless and awake
To the tavern to cure my hundred day headache.
My bleeding heart has left its mark in the temple
You have every right to wash my body in a wine lake.
In the abode of the Magi, I am welcome because
The fire that never dies, in my heart is awake.
What was the song the minstrel played?
My life is gone, but breathing, I still fake!
Within me last night, the voice of your love did break
Hafizís breast still quivers and shakes for your sake.

Disheveled hair, sweaty, smiling, drunken, and
With a torn shirt, singing, the jug in hand
Narcissus loudly laments, on his lips, alas, alas!
Last night at midnight, came and sat right by my bed-stand
Brought his head next to my ears, with a sad song
Said, O my old lover, you are still in dreamland
The lover who drinks this nocturnal brew
Infidel, if not worships the wine's command
Go away O hermit, fault not the drunk
Our Divine gift from the day that God made sea and land
Whatever He poured for us in our cup, we just drank
If it was a cheap wine or heavenly brand
The smile on the cup's face and Beloved's hair strand
Break many who may repent, just as Hafiz falsely planned.







When God designed your features and joined your brows
Paved my way, then trapped me with your gestures & bows
The spruce and I, both rooted to the ground
Fate, like a fine cloth belt, its bind endows.
United the knots of my doing and of the budding heart
The fragrant breeze, when to you it made its vows.
Fate convinced me to be enslaved to thee
Yet nothing moves unless your will allows.
Like an umbilical cord, don't wrap around my heart
It is your flowing lock of hair that I espouse.
You were the desire of another, O breeze of union,
Alas, my heart's hope and fire you douse.
I said because of your infliction I shall leave my house
Smilingly said go ahead Hafiz, with chained hooves and paws.



Keep to your own affairs, why do you fault me?
My heart has fallen in love, what has befallen thee?
In the center of he, whom God made from nothing
There is a subtle point that no creature can see.
Until His lips fulfill my lips like a reed
From all the worldly advice I must flee.
The beggar of your home, of the eight heavens has no need
The prisoner of your love, from both worlds is thus free.
Though my drunkenness has brought forth my ruin
My essence is flourished by paying that ruinous fee.
O heart for the pain and injustice of love do not plead
For this is your lot from the justice of eternity.
Hafiz donít help magic and fantasy further breed
The world is filled with such, from sea to sea.









Though the wine is joyous, and the wind, flowers sorts
Harp music and scent of wine, the officer reports.
If you face an adversary and a jug of wine
Choose the wine because, fate cheats and extorts.
Up your ragged, patched sleeves, hide & keep your cup
Like this flask of wine, fate too bleeds and distorts.
With my teary eyes, I cleanse my robe with wine
Self-restraint and piety is what everyone exhorts.
Seek not your joy in the turn of the firmaments
Even my filtered clear red fluid, dregs sports.
This earth and sky is no more than a bleeding sieve
That sifts and sorts kingly crowns and courts.
Hafiz, your poems invaded Fars and Iraqi ports
It is now the turn of Baghdad and Tabrizi forts.



I long to open up my heart
For my heart do my part.
My story was yesterdayís news
From rivals cannot keep apart.
On this holy night stay with me
Till the morning, do not depart.
On a night so dark as this,
My course, how can I chart?
O breath of life, help me tonight
That in the morn I make a start.
In my love for you, I will
My self and ego thwart.
Like Hafiz, being love smart;
I long to master that art.




Amidst flowers, wine in hand, my lover I embrace
King of the world is my slave on such a day in such a place.
Bring no candles to this, our festive feast, tonight
Full moon is pale beside the light of my lover's face.
Drinking of wine, our creed has sanctified
Yet without you, drinking wine is disgrace.
My ears only hear the song of the harp and the reed
My eyes see your ruby lips, and the cup chase.
Keep perfumes away from our feast tonight
The fragrance of your hair, our feast will grace.
Speak not to me of sweetness of candy and sugar;
Since my lips, sweetness of your lips, did once trace.
Your treasures are hidden in the ruins of my heart
And my path to the tavern has now become sacred space.
Speak not of disgrace; that's my fame and my base
And fame and high place, I despise and debase.
Drunk and disconcerted and demented and deceived
Show me one who's not, within our town and our race.
Fault not the pious one, because he, also, like us,
Is seeking love and grace, in his own way, at his own pace.
Hafiz, wine in hand, always your lover embrace
'Cause flowers and joy fill this festive time and space.

Whoever had found his way to the tavernís block
Would have to be insane if on another door knock
Fate never crowned any with drunkenness, except
The one who considered this the highest luck.
Whoever finds his way into the tavern
From the bounty of the wine, templeís secrets unlock.
He who read the secrets of this wine,
Found the secrets in the dust upon which we walk.
Only seek the obedience of the insane
In our creed, logic and sanity we mock.
My heart asked not for longevity of beauty
Because sadly this is the way of the clock.
From the pain of the fading morning star at dawn
I cried so much that I saw the moon, though Venus my eyes struck.
Who talks about the story of Hafiz and his cup?
Why would the king know where the policemen flock?
Praise the King who considers the nine heavens
A mere crevice in His courtly block.









My eyes drown in tears, yet thirst for but one chance
I'll give away my whole life, for Beloved, but one glance.
Be ashamed of Beloved's beautiful eyes and long lashes
If you have seen what I have, and still deny me my trance.
O traveler, leave these city gates behind and go back
Tread the same path, and towards my Beloved you'll advance.
With such shortage of love, I submit to my fate
That drunken gypsy's love is now my circumstance.
The aromatic flowers, the perfume of that hair
Is only a sample from my Perfumer's fragrance.
O gardener, like the breeze, do not drive me away,
You water your flowers with my tears' assistance.
Ordered me to drink much from my lover's sweet lips
And healed my sickened heart by taking such joyous stance.
The one who taught Hafiz, how his ghazals enhance,
Is none but my silent friend, with a sweet parlance.



The corner of the tavern is my altar, where I pray
At dawn, the mantra of the Old Magi, I say.
Fear not if the harp plays not at sun's morning ascent
My morning cry of repentance is the music I play.
Thank God, free from beggars and kings, away, I stay;
Homage, to the beggar at the door of the Beloved, I pay.
For Thee, in the mosque and the tavern, my time, I spent;
By God, from this intent, I never ran nor walked astray.
Only, Angel of Death's blade can uproot my tent
Running from love and grace has never been my way.
From the time that I made my search for Thee my intent
I lean upon the throne on which the sun may lay.
Not your fault was the sins that were put into your clay
Nonetheless accept them, Hafiz, and good taste display.



What beauty, sweetness of the world with her lies
Soft eyes, smiling lips, and happy heart with her lies.

Though sweetness of the tongue, kingship implies,
She is Solomon of times, and prophecy with her lies.
Beauty, artistry and innocence are her guise,
And hence, in both worlds, will of the Good, with her lies.
Her beauty-mole is that fair face's prize,
The secrets that seek the wise, with her lies.
My lover is leaving, God be with her through my cries,
What to do with broken heart, since my cure with her lies.
With whom can I share that she brought me my demise
I am now crucified, resurrection with her lies.
Respect Hafiz, his faith no-one denies,
Forgiveness of godly souls with her lies.





The messenger who arrived from the land of my friend
Brought a charm, fragrant, and in the hand of my friend.
Wonderfully displayed her beauty and her glory
With the tales of noble and regal stand of my friend.
My heart took in the good news, though coy and shy
My heart readily will serve every command of my friend.
Thank heavens for the help of smiling fate
Runs smooth every errand of my friend.
The revolving orbs and the firmament have no say
They move at every wish and demand of my friend.
If the winds of calamity blow in both worlds
My eyes upon the composure, calm & bland of my friend.
Bring me a rare jewel, O gentle morning breeze
Since you have blown over the very sand of my friend.
We stand in Love's land, while our needs grand
Sweet dreams never brought a hair strand of my friend.
Hafiz, fear no foes who reprimand my friend
Thank God, I am not ashamed of me and of my friend.



Well done O messenger, bring a message from my friend
Willingly I'll give my own life for the sake of my friend.
Like a nightingale in cage, being love-sick is my trend
A singing parrot in love with nuts and sweets of my friend.
My trap is her hair, her mole is the seed, and I
In search of those seeds have been trapped by my friend.
Will remain always drunk, until resurrection is nigh
Whoever, like me, drank from the cup poured by my friend.
I will speak no more of my elation, I trust
Focusing on me diverts me from my friend.
I'd use as eye-liner, if I could, the very dust
Upon which, once or twice walked my friend.
I long for union, while my friend away will turn,
I give up my desires to fulfill those of my friend.
In this your incurable fever, Hafiz, calmly burn
None can heal the pain of longing, my friend.






From whose house this joyous light brightens my heart?
Whose lover has sent my soul this cupid's burning dart?
This state wrecks my house and my faith
Whose bosom enfolds her & whose fingers her hair part?
The nectar of her lips always remains upon my lips
Whose soul will comfort & for whom pour a wine quart?
That candle who radiates riches and joy
Ask God, whose moth flight tonight shall thwart?
Mesmerizes everyone, while none can know
To whose tale her gentle heart will wake and smart?
O God, that supremely gentle and graceful face
Whose rare jewel is tonight and whose irreplaceable art?
I sighed, O Hafiz, that I'm crazy when apart
Smilingly you said who is the mad one from the start?









Falsely pious, of our state are unaware
No offence if their words our hearts tear.
On the path, whatever you meet is for your good
On the straight and the narrow, can't be lost there.
Whatever the rook may play, we'll knock it down
On the chessboard of lovers, Kings won't dare.
What is this multi-patterned, tall, simple dome?
Who is wise to this riddle? Show me where?
Is this your grace, O Lord, powerful, wise?
Too many hidden wounds; no time to catch a breath of air.
It's as if the Judge of our Court is not fair.
This Royal Seal, sign of God does not bear
Whoever wishes may come, and whatever, may declare.
No guards, no grandeur, this hall is bare
Those who enter the tavern, openly share.
Those who sell themselves, meet the wine-seller's glare
Whatever befalls us is the doing of our own affair.
Your grace is not rare, and there's no one you'd spare
I serve the Tavern-Master, with his endless love and care.
Piety, sometimes is cold, sometimes will flare.
Hafiz gracefully declines from taking the head chair
Lovers are free from fortune and fame's snare.







Lit up by the light of your face, there is no soul that is not
Longing for the dust of your place, there is no eye that is not.
Those who have seen your face, are all-knowing and wise
Secrets of your beauty and grace, there is no head where is not.
No wonder if my telling tears, red and bloody, rise from my eyes
Ashamed and repentant of one's own case, there is no one who is not.
Till His breeze settles His dust upon my lap as my prize
All things, everyone I chase, there is none passing that is not.
Till the fragrance of your hair to every inhaler flies
Morning breeze confer, embrace, there is no dawn that is not.
Puzzling fate, in my fate, my agony and pain lies
Being showered by your grace, there is no one who is not.
From your sweet lips, life's spring will chastely rise
Bathing in such a place, there is no sweetness that is not.
Disclosing such secrets is uncalled for and unwise
Else in the feast of the insane and base, there is no gossip that is not.
Brave lion in love's desert, just like a fox hides and lies
Alas, for on this path, at this pace, there is no hazard that is not.
Dust of the door of your house, my teary eyes will chastise
Obliged with such favors and such grace, there is no dust that is not.
My existence, some name, a little fame, identifies
Else, there, you can trace, there is no weakness that is not.
Hafiz is upset with you, with your harshness and your ties
Else in you, from toe to face, there is not a thing that is not.


The heavenly breeze comes to this estate,
I sit with the wine and a lovely mate.
Why canít the beggar play the kingís role?
The sky is the dome, the earth is my state.
The green grass feels like Paradise;
Why would I trade this for the garden gate?
With bricks of wine build towers of love,
Being bricks of clay is our final fate.
Seek no kindness of those full of hate,
People of the mosque with the church debate.
Donít badmouth me, donít blacken my name;
Only God can, my story narrate.
Neither Hafizís corps, nor his life negate,
With all his misdeeds, heavens for him wait.





Let not the pious judge the meek;
Each for his own deeds will speak.
Whether Iím good or bad, you judge yourself;
You reap what you sow, find what you seek.
Everyone is seeking love, sober or drunk;
Everywhere a house of love, yet so unique.
I submit my head on the tavernís bricks,
If you donít understand, just take a peek.
Let me keep my hope of eternal grace,
Behind the veil, who is good, who the freak?
Not only I fell out of virtuous path,
My father too, treaded that path oblique.
Hafiz, on your deathbed, bring the cup to your cheek.
You go from the tavern straight to the heavenís peak.





May your goodness always increase
And your smiling face never cease
In our head the thought of your love
Every day is on the increase.
Every cedar and every spruce
From your height may you hear their pleas
The eye not intrigued by thee
Its tear drops a bloody disease.
Your eye for mesmerizing hearts
Is a magician and master-tease.
Wherever a heart is longing for thee
Impatiently shears its own fleece.
The beauty of all the lovers
Beside your swan is ugly geese.
The heart that is out of loveís lease
From the circle of union release.
Hafizís soul, your ruby lips ease
Away from base lips, if you please.


O Lord, this orb is no more than your bat and ball
The expanse of universe, your arena and your hall
The victorious queen is in awe of your lock
Your playing the course, victorious eyes enthrall.
Mercuryís composition speaks of your grandeur
Even the Universal Mind is at your beacon call.
The splendor of the trees of Paradise beside yours pale
Based on your majesty, Paradise you install.
Not only animate and inanimate are at your call
Whatever is in this world, at your command are they all.










Whoever, to your face, such cheerful colors gave
Patience and serenity for poor me can also save
Whoever trained your hair so arrogantly to behave
His grace, such injustice for poor me can also waive.
I gave up my desires on the first day when
Beloved took my heart's rein and made me her slave.
If there's no golden treasure, at least satisfied I remain
He who gave that to the king, made this the lot of the knave.
This world, just like a bride, in appearance is glorified
He who gave his life to this, has only dug his own grave.
From now on, I spend my time in nature with rivers & trees
While the breeze, of time of spring, would rant and rave.
Hafiz's heart was brave, rode hardships wave after wave
Though separations deprave, the King as our healer gave.




Last night, pansy addressed flowers and itself displayed
My swinging in this world, so and so's hair would braid.
My heart was a treasure chest of secrets, the hands of fate
Closed and locked and its key, to my Beloved bade.
Physician sent the broken me to my Beloved and said
My panacea and cure, only by Your hands are made.
May he be healthy, and happy, and in bliss
That his healing hands upon the needy laid.
Take your own advice, O incessant counselor
Sweet lover and wine, whosoever forbade?
Passed by poor me, and towards my rivals strayed
Said, "my poor Hafiz has given his life, I am afraid."










Whoever holds a cup in hand
Forever will rule over the land.
The Water of Life that Elias found
Seek in the tavern where cups stand.
The essence of soul submit to the cup
Rules of the cup are in command.
We and the wine, pious and virtue
Letís see which ones He will demand.
It is but a word from His lips
For he who has wished and planned.
Narcissusís ways of drunkenness
Were borrowed from His eyeís gland.
My heart pictures Your face and hair
This prayer my day and night spanned.
It is the painful in the heart
Who Your sweet lips understand.
Your features, Your goodness, O soul,
Like Hafiz, two hundred slaves command.


He, who always keeps his trust in the One
The One keeps all evils from him apart and gone.
I will not tell the tale of a friend, save to a friend
For it is a friend who keeps a friendís word anon.
O heart make your living so that if you slip
The Angels will hold your upraised hands to the sun.
And if you want the Beloved not to break His oath
Keep your oath such that the chain wonít come undone.
And if one day upon that lock you see my heart,
Ask for His mercy, to keep my place, give to none.
When I asked him to keep my heart, replied
Ask the Father in Heaven, I am a helpless son.
My health and wealth, heart and soul, I give for Thee
May god keep compassion in my heart, always won.
Where is the dust of thy path, so Hafiz keep
In memory of the morning breezeís gentle run.



With clear wine, a wise one washed his behind
Early morning in tavern, who had homage on his mind.
When the golden cup of sun, descended from the skies
Curve of the new moon, of the curved cup would remind.
Happy is the one whose prayers and needs stem from his pain
With tears of his eyes and blood of his veins, cleans his behind.
The head priest leading prayers should be the one
Whose shrinking gown, blood of the daughter of vine defined.
My heart bought upheavals for the locks of that flowing hair
I know not that in this trade, what profit it could ever find.
If the head priest asks for me and my kind
Tell him Hafiz, with wine, is baptizing his behind.











Dervish laid a trap with slight of hands and trick of the eyes
With the help of this trickster merry-go-round mystifies.
Tricks of his fate will keep the rabbit in his hat
How can you trick those whom to secrets are wise?
Come hither wine-bearer, the Sufi's beautiful lover
Came with full grace, and evaded their many, many tries.
O minstrel, with what tune was inspired to head for Iraq
Longingly sang to return to the Arabian Hejaz?
Come O heart, let's commend ourselves unto the Lord
Keep from rolled up sleeve that outstretched arm belies.
Undeceived, whoever lost himself in compassion
In the Spirit of Love, his soul upward flies.
In the court of the Truth, at the time of our demise
Shame on he, who permissible never defies.
Where to now, O proud partridge, halt and pause
Your delusions, prayers of the pious cat, never ever identifies.
Hafiz, mad Dervishes upon the path, don't criticize
Freedom from false piety for eternity is our prize.


O heart, the pain of love burned once again
Beloved departed and drove the lover insane.
O flowers, you played your magic tricks
Alas that the drunk the sober shall reign.
My tears were my friends, since Beloved stayed away
My unkind fate from helping would refrain.
At dawn Beloved's house's bright glow
The lover's wounded heart would strain and pain.
O bearer give me a cup, since the hidden hand that writes
Has plans, access to which nobody can gain.
The artist of firmaments, earth and spheres
Nobody knows what plans it would feign.
Burning love, Hafiz's heart would entertain
Beloved from old times this poor lover has slain.






O friends, repented from drunkenness, daughter of vine
Began enforcing the law, became a preacher of divine.
From beyond entered our midst, let her now rest
And protests of others for separation decline.
Bring good news O heart, for the musician of love
Played in drunkenness, and found a cure for this wine.
Neither wash away its color, nor with a hundred fires burn
The stain of that wine which is the mysticís gownís design.
The flower of union with the breath of life bloomed
And the singing bird of joy, to the petal sang a joyous line.
In the face of jealousy, with humbleness yourself refine
Honor and wealth, desire, creed, with pride your head align.










For years my heart was in search of the Grail
What was inside me, it searched for, on the trail

That pearl that transcends time and place
Sought of divers whom oceans sail

My quest to the Magi my path trace
One glance solved the riddles that I Braille

Found him wine in hand and happy face
In the mirror of his cup would watch a hundred detail

I asked, "when did God give you this Holy Grail?"
Said, "on the day He hammered the worldís first nail!"

Even the unbeliever had the support of God
Though he could not see, Godís name would always hail.

All the tricks of the mind would make God seem like fraud
Yet the Golden Calf beside Mosesí rod would just pale.

And the one put on the cross by his race
His crime, secrets of God would unveil

Anyone who is touched by Godís grace
Can do what Christ did, without fail.

And what of this curly lock thatís my jail
Said this is for Hafiz to tell his tale.







The radiance of your goodness manifested in eternity
Love appeared and set fire to the mountain, earth and sea
Your face radiated, and still saw angels were loveless
Setting this fire on man, was then your zealous decree
Mind wanted to turn this fire to its own guiding light
You set the world in chaos with your ardent, radiant glee
False seeker sought to witness the secrets of the world
Hidden hand came and kept away his undeserving plea
To others fate brought a lot, filled with pleasure and joy
My sad heart's lot was to be saddened on its knee
My sublime soul was longing for a glimpse of your face
My hand running through the locks of your hair lovingly
Hafiz wrote his love poems only on the day that he
Let the pen write from the heart that is joyous and free.


Morning breeze, its fragrance will exhale
The old world will once again youthfully sail.
Tulip will bring a red cup to the meadows
Narcissus' eyes from poppy will grow pale.
When would nightingale put up with such abuse
In the chamber of the rose cry and wail.
I traded the temple for the tavern, fault me not
Prayer is long and stale, time is frail.
Leave not joy of the now till the morrow
Who can vouch that the morrow, the now shall trail?
Month of Sha'aban put not down the jug of wine
Till the end of Ramadan you'll miss this Holy Grail.
Hold dear all the flowers and commune
Came to be and will whither with a breeze or a gale.
This feast is for friends, O minstrel, play and sing
Sing again, it came thus and went thus, to what avail?
Hafiz, for your sake, entered this tale
Walk with him, say farewell, he'll tear the veil.







Not every painted face has charm
Not every mirror maker, Alexander can disarm
Not everyone upon a throne who puts on a crown
Knows the ways of ruling over farm and town.
Like beggars serve not for the alms
Master keeps his servants in good form.
I submit to the will of the weal maker,
Alchemist beggar, lead into gold can transform.
Faith and loyalty are good, if you can learn
Else you must weather tyrannyís storm.
I was brokenhearted and still unaware;
For children of men, angel is the norm.
A point much finer than a strand of hair,
The unshaven hair is not a Dervishís uniform.
All the world revolves around your mole
It takes a gem to know a gem, a worm, a worm.
Whoever charismatically becomes the king
Will rule the world if with fairness keep away harm.
The poetry of Hafiz can only inform
He whose heart and speech is kind and warm.







Whoever was intimate with his heart, his love defined
And he who was not, in his doubt was left behind.
If my heart went through the veil, then fault me not
I thank God that it did not remain within the veil of mind.
The Sufis took back their gown from the wine
It was our gown, forever to the tavern was assigned.
Drunken Dervishes passed by, and it passed by
Our drunken tales the hands of time defied.
Each cup that was filled by that lovely hand
Transmuted into tears, our jealous eyes mystified.
My heart from the first, unto this last, is in love
I know of none, who in this love, forever remained blind.
I was lovesick. Though your eyes bloomed as flowers,
Your loveliness remains veiled, this is unkind.
Found nothing more joyful than the sound of words of love
In this turning Merry-Go-Round that You rewind.
My robe covered at least hundred faults that I could find
I pawned my robe to wine, and what remained, my bare hind.
Master painter was helpless in awe of your beauty
Everywhere upon the walls is what in awe he had designed.
To view His face, Hafiz, his heart refined
For this to come to pass, always will remain in bind.





From now on, that tall spruce has my command
Whose graceful stature uprooted me from the land.
I wish not for song and wine, unveil your face
Cause your beauty my passion's fire has fanned.
No face can be the mirror of bridal chamber of Fate
Except one upon which stallion hooves stand.
I spoke of my secrets, said just be with your sorrows
My patience has run out, do you hear what I demand?
O hunter, leave my deer and let it live
Be ashamed of its eyes, with that rope in your hand.
My earthly life is feeble, weak, impotent
How can I kiss those lips, majestic, grand?
Hafiz, let your heart be tied by a hair strand
Madmen better remain in chain and band.






At the break of dawn from sorrows I was saved
In the dark night of the Soul, drank the elixir I craved.

Ecstatic, my soul was radiant, bright,
Sanctified cup of my life, drunk I behaved.

O, what exalted sunrise, what glorious night
That holy night, to the New Life was enslaved.

From now on, in the mirror, O what a sight
The mirror, glory of my soul, proclaimed and raved.

Wonder not if I am bathed in heartís delight
I deserved and was given, though may have seemed depraved.

Angelic voice brought news of my God-given right
My patience is the fruit of hardships that I braved.

Sweet nectar drips from my lips, as my words take their flight
Beloved, my sweetheart, upon my soul patiently had engraved.

ĎT was Hafiz, divinely inspired that I attained such height
It was Godís mercy that timeís sorrows for me waived.



At the gates of the tavern I saw the angels knock
Kneaded this clay we call human, and made it talk.

The residents of the Celestial Court and the heavenly bloc
Drank from the Wine of Love, with me, upon our common walk.

The earth and the skies could not keep this trust of the clock
Yet the poor insane me was stuck with such tough luck.

People find good reason for the wars in which they are stuck
Since Truth they cannot see, to fantasies they would flock.

In our midst, thank God, the dogs of war are put in chain and lock
The angels gratefully drink, gracefully dance, from block to block.

Fire is not a flickering glow that a candle flame would mock
Fire is the flame of a heap of moths that lightning has just struck.

None like Hafiz, the mask of deceitful intellect can pluck
Till the hair of Bride of Verses was brushed lock after lock.




When sorrows upon seekers' hearts settle, will not rattle
When beauty with comfort starts battle, will unsettle.

When to fate they submit their mind, themselves will bind
Finally, when Beloved's beautiful curls find, put egos behind.

If they come to us a moment, and sit near, disappear
Yet when joy in their hearts will appear, becomes clear.

If they understand that a lonely tear is but a gem that is dear
With a love so sincere, face early-risers they fear.

When laughter like red rubies to my eyes cling, my tears bring
From my face, when hidden secretes spring, joyously they sing.

The healing balm of the pain of love is not easy for sure, and is pure
Those who use their mind to find such a cure, many failure will endure

Those who climbed fortune's ladder wrung after wrung, were strung and hung
And the ones who in praise sing Hafiz's song, are thought wrong.

Those favored by this spirit, noble and pure, tempt and allure
For love's pain if a cure they must secure, then failure will endure.


Those who turn lead into gold
Will they ever our sight behold?
I hide my ills from false physicians
May my cure come from the invisible fold.
When beloved reveals a glimpse
Many tales by many are told.
Salvation is not in piety,
The deed for its own sake should unfold.
Be fair with my increasing love
Let not others mock me and scold.
Behind the veil, many schemes remain,
After unveiling, how will they be sold?
Heartwarming tales of lovers in this world
Warm even the hearts that may be ice cold.
Drinking the forbidden wine with sincerity
Surpass the moral rules we pretend to uphold.
The shirt that carried Josephís scent,
His brothers would gladly have sold.
Come, show yourself in the tavern
To the servants whom your passage extolled.
Keep jealous eyes away, because the good
For Godís sake, choose the good and bold.
Hafiz, sustained union cannot be cajoled;
Kings in the marketplace rarely strolled.


When sweethearts with such charm lovers cajole,
In believersí faith they will poke a hole.
Wherever a flower begins to bloom,
Eyeballs inside the head begin to roll.
O handsome and young man of tall stature
Play the ball before you are a bat or pole.
The lovers choose and act without control,
You the playwright, and lovers play their role.
Beside the bloody tears that eyes shed
Pales even the thundercloudís heavy toll.
When my love begins to sing, that song and sound
Angels in the heavens clap and extol.
Heartbroken, tearful eyes, I long for thee,
Why such cruelty must endure the soul?
Leave sorrows behind, listen to your heart,
Then separation becomes a mere droll.
In the darkness of the night, Hafiz, stroll,
Let the bright light of the morn become your goal.



I said, when will your lips mine satisfy?
You said, with your wishes Iíll comply.
I said, your lips demand a price so high,
You said, your profits will multiply.
I said, who found you while only on himself rely?
You said, there are very few who even try.
I said, leave the idols, choose the one that wonít die;
You said, for lovers, love to all will apply.
I said, the tavern drowns my every sigh;
You said, happy is the one who makes sorrows fly.
I said, in my creed, the way of wine must defy;
You said, this is the way of the creed of the old Magi.
I said, what use the wine, for one as old as I?
You said, it wets your spring of youth, which has gone dry.
I said, when will the master beside his bride lie?
You said, when the conjunction of moon and Jupiter is nigh.
I said, your praise is Hafizís ceaseless cry,
You said, this is the song of the angels in the sky.



On the pulpit, preachers, goodness display
Yet in private, they have a different way.
I have a question to ask of the learned in our midst
Why Confession-Priests, their own repentance delay.
Perhaps they don't believe in Judgement Day
They deceive, and to appease God, they pray.
May these New Masters, God, find their stay
And from slaves and mules not turn away.
Church-beggar, go to the abode of the Magi
Drink the water that strength of heart convey.
His endless goodness, many lovers slay
Lovers from the void, rise up and play.
In Love's Tavern, the Angelic array,
Ferment our soul's grape, knead our clay.
Heavenly music at break of the day
As if Angels sing Hafiz's songs, and sway.





For years, to the red wine, my heart was bound
The Tavern became alive with my prayer and my sound.
See the Old Magi's goodness, with us, the drunks,
Saw whatever we did, in everyone beauty had found.
Wash away all our knowledge with red wine,
Firmaments, themselves, the knowing minds hound.
Seek that from idols, O knowing heart,
Said the one whose insights, his knowledge crowned.
My heart, like a compass, goes round and round,
I'm lost in that circle, with foot firmly on the ground.
Minstrel did what he did from pain of Love,
Lashes of wise-of-the-world in their bloody tears have drowned.
With joy my heart bloomed, like that flower by the stream
Under the shade of that tall spruce, myself, I found.
My colorful wise Master, in my dealings with the black robes,
My meanness checked and bound, else my stories would astound.
Hafiz's cloudy heart in this trade was not spent,
This merchant saw and heard every hidden sight and sound.



Happy days were when your hand was by my side,
         Signs of your love, my features beautified.
Happy days were when your words crucified,
         Then my soul resurrected, upward glide.
Happy days were when the wine, we glorified,
         God was with me while by my side was my bride.
Happy days were when your candle was my guide,
         And my heart, like a moth, your flames would ride.
Happy days were when amidst knowledge and pride
         The drunken laughter was dignified.
Happy days were when we drank from the cup in our stride,
         And told tales of the things that we tried.
Happy days were when Beloved would decide,
         On the sun and moon, in service, relied.
Happy days in the tavern I would abide
         Saw the things that from the temple would hide.
Happy days were when your signal verified;
         Made the crooked straight, Hafiz, narrow, wide.











As long as wine and tavern are around,
Before the Master, I bow to the ground.
To the old Master, eternally I am bound,
Have always been, will always be, on this merry-go-round.

When you pass by my tomb, ask for grace,
Itís a shrine where the drunkards abound.
The self-serving pious canít see this
That is veiled and with eyes canít be found.
My lovely beloved left our midst on this day,
My tears ceaselessly flow, ceaselessly my chest I pound.

And when I go to sleep in my grave,
Until awakening, my concerns soul will hound.
Hafiz please help, or else fate will astound,
Belovedís locks around arms of others may be wound.


Those who are tired may seek your aid
It is unfair if your aid is stayed.
You never mistreated us. Itís not your way.
Any such mischief, you would degrade.
Unfortunate the eyes that canít shed tears of love,
Unhappy the hearts that candle of love barricade.
With the auspicious fly towards the light,
Leave behind bats and birds who seek the shade.
Wonder not if I sought help in the tavern,
My Master said in the temple they trade.
Without virtue, worship is idolatry,
Goodness wonít come, when virtue delayed.
Hafiz, through virtue and wisdom wade,
Else hold your tongue and remain afraid.






I said I long for thee
    You said your sorrows will end.
Be my moon, rise up for me
    Only if it will ascend.

I said, from lovers learn
How with compassion burn
Beauties, you said in return
    Such common tricks transcend.

Your visions, I will oppose
My mind's paths, I will close
You said, this night-farer knows
    Another way will descend.

With the fragrance of your hair
I'm lost in my world's affair
You said, if you care, you dare
    On its guidance can depend.

I said hail to that fresh air
That the morning breeze may share
Cool is that breeze, you declare
    With beloved's air may blend.

I said, your sweet and red wine
Granted no wishes of mine
You said, in service define
    Your life, and your time spend.

I said, when will your kind heart
Thoughts of friendship start?
Said, speak not of this art
    Until it's time for that trend.

I said, happiness and joy
Passing time will destroy.
Said, Hafiz, silence employ
    Sorrows too will end my friend.














Till you grant my wish, I won't give up my demand
I will reach the Soul of Souls, or be buried in this land.
When I am dead and buried, open my grave and see
Smoke rising from my corps, by my inner fire fanned.
Show Thy face to the people, awe-struck and radiant
Man and woman will cry out, at Thy smallest command.
I am tired of this life, jealousy eats away my heart
Without a kiss from your lips, I end my worldly errand.
In search of those sweet lips, I have spent my whole life
Desires of the deprived, those lips will reprimand.
In the circles of the Lovers, his goodness they understand,
With reverence, Hafiz's name, they pass from hand to hand.









When the golden orb ascends from the east of the cup
A thousand tulips upon the beloved's cheeks open up
The morning breeze breaks upon the head of the bouquet
The bouquet of the bouquet will flow amidst the grass and crop.
The story of the night of separation is not that story
Of which a small account many, many books would fill up.
This poor and impoverished house of Fate can't satiate
Cry out a hundred sorrows and upon a morsel sup.
With brain and brawn cannot search for the essence
A mere fantasy, this endeavor too will flop.
If like Noah, you can patiently await the end of storm
The tides of fortune turn, and your life-long desires prop.
If the breeze of Your hair at Hafiz's tomb makes a stop
A hundred thousand tulips will adorn his grave-top.






One more breath, my fate is at stake
Alas, my good fortune does not wake.
Morning breeze blew Her dust in my eye
I cannot see from the tears and the ache.
I cannot embrace and hug your body, why?
My most ardent wishes I must break.
Only with the Beloved, I can be & can try
No other labor can I undertake.
Only from your hair some good news I can pry
Else, from strangers, there's no news I can take.
Ardently, sincerely, a thousand prayers I let fly
What use, not even one in my world I can make.
Enough sharing my heart with the morning breeze's sigh
With my luck tonight, not even the dawn will break.
I spend my whole life in pursuit till I die
Yet misfortunes of your hair I cannot shake.
Hafiz & his heart, everyone must forsake
Has hidden himself within your wave & wake.
















Good news, spring is neigh and grass is green
Leave the trees and treat
flowers like a queen.
Birds whistle, singing where is loon of the wine?
The nightingale cries, who painted this flowery scene?
Fruits of Paradise are tasteless for the one
Whom the face of a lover has never seen.
Complain not of the hardships on the path
Comfort comes from enduring the obscene.
Pick a flower from the face of the bearer
Violets encircle the face of the grassy green.
The bearer has stolen my heart in a way
That even conversations I now demean.
I will burn my colorful flowery robe, which
The Tavern Master with wine could not clean.
O Fair one, spring is gone, take note I mean
This wine, Hafiz, has not had a chance to glean.
















Spring winds the March rain clouds feed
Excuse for drinking wine, playing the reed.
Lovers are in full glory, poor me ashamed
Burdened with indigent love, yet I accede.
Shortage of generosity, yet I keep my integrity
Pay with my gown for the wine that I need.
Please say you open up the knot that is in my affairs
Last night till time of dawn, I prayed and plead.
The smiling flower, with a thousand laughs bloomed
As though grace itself had blessed its very seed.
If I rend my shirt in my madness, so what?
Even our good name demands that we be freed.
Who speaks these tales that I tell from your lips?
Who sees your beauty's deceit and misdeed?
If the King seeks not to know of lover's state
Take heed lovers and give up your rest and greed.
Cupid's arrow, Hafiz's heart tore and cleaved
I see his verses, with their wet ink, bleed.
















In the morning breeze, your scent, whoever inhaled
A close friend these familiar words, in his ear hailed;
O King of Goodness, glance at this beggarís state
Of beggars and kings this ear heard many tales, quite detailed.
With this aromatic wine, I satisfy my soulís appetite
Iíve seen robe wearing priests that many deceptions trailed.
Godís secrets that the godly man silently kept
How in the world the wine-seller so clearly unveiled?
O God where is the one who knows and sees
To open up the secrets that in my heart are jailed.
It was not fair to punish my godly heart
With abuse, my heart bitterly cried and wailed.
If I was deprived in my longing, say naught
Kindness of fate from this hardship, none bailed.
Come bring me wine, my love cries out loud
Heard it from ourselves, whoever our tale detailed.
This is not the first time we covertly drink the wine
Master of the tavern caught us in the act each time we exhaled.
This is not a first for drinking to the song of the harp
Many turns the Wheel of Fate this familiar turn scaled.
Advice of the wise comes from a deep goodness within
Beside the one who understood, even heavenly bliss paled.
Hafiz in duty the ocean of prayer sailed
Regardless of if his prayer was granted or failed.





Friends, unlock the locks of the Belovedís head
On this joyous night, let the story spread.
In familiar solitude friends have tread
Close the door after a prayer is read.
Violin and harp loudly sang and said
Listen and let your sense by the Knower be led.
I swear all sadness will have fled
Once you trust in God to give your daily bread.
The lover and beloved differ as white and red
Need your hunger, when beloved wants to be fed.
The first words of the wine-master simply said
The unworthy companion strongly dread.
Whoever in this world with love is not wed
Hold his funeral as another living dead.
And if Hafiz for alms towards you has sped
Redirect him towards the Belovedís bed.




O bird of Paradise, your secrets disclose
Cease not the sweetness your tongue outward throws.

May you remain vital, your heart content
From the Great Artisan, the beauty you chose.

You spoke in riddles with all thy foes
Unveiling of the secrets, God only knows.

From the rosy cup splash and bring me scent
We only went to sleep when fate arose.

How the minstrel played this playful tune
Drunk and sober dance on feet and toes.

From intoxication, who is immune?
Both friend and foe lost their repose.

No water in sight for Alexanderís thirst
Neither power nor gold, can impose.

Listen to the pain of the heart at first
Few words that much meaning enclose.

Clay idols, the heart and soul oppose
To all idols my heart and soul may God close.

To the drunken say not secrets of the wine
Nor to lifeless the tale of soul disclose.

By the royal decree wrote line after line
To such poetic heights Hafiz ever rose;

It is not ours but Godís will that goes
May God keep him from all harmful blows.




The patient nightingale on a branch atop the tree
For the well being of the rose made its plea.
Praise your goodness O rose, and your beauty,
Let not your pride make the nightingale flee.
I complain not of being apart from thee,
In hope of union, Iíll be apart for eternity.
Others delight in pleasure and luxury,
Pain of separation is what delights me.
For nymphs and Paradise, some find the rosary,
Beloved is my nymph, and tavern my gardenís entry.
Drink wine to the music of the harp, be worry free
From he who forbids you joy for Godís mercy.
Hafiz, separation is not at tragedy,
Union in separation, and light in the darkness you see.




Ask not what sorrows for love I endure
Ask not of parting poisons that make me impure.
I have traveled the world and in the end
Ask not what lover I willingly allure.
Longing for a vision, at her door
Ask not of the tears that I pour.

With my own ears I heard her last night
Ask not of her words, harsh yet demure.
Bite not your upper lip and speak not
Ask not what sweet lips I may secure.
In my mendicant state without you
Ask not of my pain and need for a cure.
On the path of Love, Hafiz, lost & unsure
Ask not of his standing, high and pure.



Of her black hair I complain, O ask me not
Cause of her, lost I remain, O ask me not.
In the hope of loyalty, nobody leaves his heart & faith
I repent, my deeds disdain, O ask me not.
A sip of wine never cause misdeed or grief
Ignorant put me through so much pain, O ask me not.
O pious one, pass me by, 'cause this red wine
Makes your faith vain, drives you insane, ask me not.
On the path of life and soul, stories abound
One will strain & one will feign, O ask me not.
I longed for health and bliss, but alas
That seductress holds my rein, O ask me not.
I asked the ball of heavens, what is my role on this plane?
In the polo game of life I entertain, O ask me not.
I asked, with your hair whose blood you drain?
By God, this story is a long chain, O ask me not.



How beautiful is Shiraz's unparalleled state
God save it from harm and the hands of fate.
May God keep its flowing Roknabad river
waters with freshness, always equate.
Between Jafarabad and Mossalla gardens
Northern breeze's scent, forever accelerate .
In Shiraz the bounty of heavenly spirit
Amidst its wise people is an inner trait.
Nobody talks of the Egyptian sugar
It surpasses all, in sweetness is great.
O breeze what news of the happy minstrel?
How is his state? How does he relate?
If that sweet boy kills, and sheds my blood
O heart forgive him for his innocent hate.
O God let me stay with, this, my dream
I am happy with the vision of my mate.
Brave separation Hafiz, patiently wait
Thank God for union, time to consummate.








Took away my serenity, patience and sense
My heavy hearted, fair faced, divine essence.
How lovely, nimble, handsome and majestic
Delicate, beautiful, and gowned with elegance.
From the heat of the fire of that love
Like a boiling pot, express my effervescence.
Like a shirt in comfort, hanging loose
If worn by beloved, and embraced tight and dense.
Even when my bones decompose and rot
My soul will hold that love in reverence.
My heart and soul put my heart and soul in suspense
Your beauty, your beauty, my only reference.
Your cure is your cure, Hafiz, your defense
Those sweet lips, those sweet lips, my sentence.




In the morn from the privacy of the Palace of Creation
The Eastern Candle emanates in every direction;
Produces a clear mirror from the horizonís pocket
In a thousand ways showing the world its own reflection.
In the corners of the grand cosmic music hall
The organ plays a tune, and Venus listens with elation.
The exalted harp cries, now where is the doubter?
The laughing cup cries, what happened to prohibition?
Look closely at the world, and choose gaiety and joy
Whichever way you look, this is the worldís situation.
The locks of the sweetheart and Master lock up and deceive
The mystics over this chain seek no confrontation.
Ask for a majestic life, if this world is what you seek
For He is benevolent and bountiful with compassion.
Light of the hopeful eye, eternal symbol of adoration;
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Soul of the World, King of the Nation.



Faithful in your love, my fame has spread, candle-like
At the home of the homeless, I make my bed, candle-like.
Day and night, from sorrows, sleep escapes from my eyes
Sick of being apart, my eyes are teary, red, candle-like.
Scissors of sorrows have cut my patience' string
Flame of your love burns upon my weary head, candle-like.
If my bloody tears fail to bring color to my cheeks
How else can my secret tales ever be said, candle-like?
Amidst water & fire, my head is busy with your thoughts
While my heart flooded with tears it needs to shed, candle-like.
In the night of separation, send butterfly of union
Else from your pain the world I'll burn & shred, candle-like.
Without your beautiful vision, my day is night
With the love I have bred, my flaws I dread, candle-like.
My patience is eroding, like a mountain from sorrows' rains
In the ocean of your love, path of fire I tread, candle-like.
Like dawn, I blow one breath to see your face
Show yourself O Beloved, else I'll be dead, candle-like.
Honor me one night with your union, my friend
Let your light, light up my house & spread, candle-like.
Fire of your love caught on Hafiz's head
When will my heart's fire, my tears wed, candle-like?









At dawn, to the garden, to inhale the perfume of the rose
Like the nightingale loudly exhale the cure of my head and nose.
I was watching the beautiful unfolding of the rose
Like a light, the secrets of the night disclose.
Proudly its own youth and beauty would transpose
Its songs, the nightingale to the peaceful rose owes.
Jealous tear of the narcissus ceaselessly flows
The tulip submits itself to the heartís throws.
The lilyís sharp and reproachful tongue grows,
The rebellious poppy would loudly oppose.
One, in worship of the wine, to the jug, goes on tip-toes
One, the drunk bearer, cup in hand, knows with repose.
The one who knows joy, youthfully glows
Hafizís is the message the prophets propose.



Secure place and sweet wine and tender friend
If only we could keep these three until the end.
The world and its affairs are all nothing for naught
A thousand times I have inquired of this trend.
Alas that until now I was so unaware
That alchemy of life is to befriend a friend.
Find a refuge and make the best of times
From the thieves of life, that our time waste and spend.
Repenting from the lips of the friend and the smiling cup
Is but a fantasy, a notion reason canít defend.
Though I cannot ever touch your beautiful hair
On this vivid hope I can gladly depend.
The sweet dimple that adorns your chin, in depth,
A million deep thoughts canít possibly transcend.
If my tears turn ruby color, say naught
For the seal of your lips, with ruby blend.
Mockingly said, Hafiz, to your every whim I tend
To what depths of mockery must I stoop and descend?















If you drink wine, let a drop or two spill
A sin that helps another, courageously fulfill.
Worry not, drink to the music of the harp
Fate worries not when it is time to kill.
It is for your sake, my darling beloved
That on my last day I take the bitter pill.
Whether heading for heaven or hell, angel or man,
Self-denial, in any creed, is ill.
Designer of the world designed our path
With no way out of the grave, save being still.
Daughter of the vine makes the mind creative, divine
May the vine forever adorn every hill and rill.
Towards the tavern, Hafiz went forth with thrill
Prayers of the godly heart, may your heart fill.







If a thousand enemies are intent on my demise
With you as my friend, fear won't arise.
I'm alive with the hope of union with thee
Every moment I fear death, otherwise.
Breath by breath, your scented breeze I must inhale
Moment by moment, from sorrows exhale my cries.
Only dreaming of you, go to sleep my two eyes
Patiently longing for thee, my heart to itself lies.
Don't pull away your rein when you cut me with your sword
My head is my shield, while my hand your saddle-strap ties.
Where can we see your face just as you are, true and pure?
Each based on his own grasp can realize.
Indigent Hafiz is the apple of people's eyes
At your door, prostrated, your vision espies.














All my knowledge and piety I detest
What have I gained from your love in my breast?
Though the wind of separation blew away my zest
I kept my vows to Thee, sincere, honest.
As a spec of dust, I may be small at best
But through love, the sun itself is my nest.
Bring forth the wine, let me joyously ingest
For safety and security, in joy I didnít invest.
If you are sober, save your advice and protest
Waste not your words on me, the drunken pest.
From shame, canít keep my head above my chest
I was not of worthy service, in my quest.
Beloved didnít say, though life Hafiz molest
Let me send him a cure to put him to rest.














Donít let your hair with the wind blow,
Else to the wind, caution Iíll throw.
Donít let foundations elegantly grow,
Else my foundation will dissolve and go.

Choose where you bestow thy grace,
Else Iíll wallow in disgrace.
When you are present in every place,
Every place, my protests will face.

The locks of your hair are curled like a chain,
Enslaved to those locks, in chain I remain.
When with your curls you entertain,
Your curls will only drive me insane.

Strangers do not befriend,
Else I might be lost in the trend.
Let not my rivals on you depend,
This makes me sad, and will offend.

Let your face color, your cheeks blush,
Your beauty, the rose bud, aside brush;
Let your stature rise up tall and lush,
And the tallest cedars simply crush.

Donít become every roomís candle flame,
Else my flames of jealousy canít tame.
Donít treat every people the same,
So that you may not forget my name.

Donít become known to all in this town,
Else Iíll find the ocean, myself drown.
Donít keep me distant with your frown,
Else Iíll tear to threads my shirt and gown.

Have mercy upon me and compassion,
Else hear the infamy of my passion.
Hafiz will embrace your oppression,
Was freed since enslaved in this fashion.













Openly I admit, with much joy and such glee;
Enslaved to your love, from both worlds I am free.
As a bird of Paradise, to parting I did agree
Fell in the trap of life and worldly tragedy.
I was an angel, I resided in the heavens;
Renovation of the world - the mission given to me.
The nymphs of paradise, the cool ponds and the tree
In the hope of union, swiftly left my memory.
On the tablet of my heart, inscribed from a to z
It is all about you, I canít see other than thee.
No soothsayer foretold of my exit or entry
O Lord, this journey, why did you for me decree?
I am but a slave of the Tavern of Love
Each moment, a new pain becomes my new remedy.
If my bleeding heart pours out of my tearful eyes
Itís just, I deserve; why to others I make my plea?
Wipe away Hafizís tears with your hands so he can see
Or else, this flood, brings all of us to our knee.















You see my state, and still increase my pain
I see your face, the need for union regain.
For my welfare, you have no care, I complain
Why do you heal me not from the sickness I disdain?
You bring me down and leave me on the earthly plane;
Return me to my home, by your side let me remain.
Only when Iím dust, your mercy can entertain;
Your flowing spirit stirs up dust of the slain.
Heartbroken of your love, from breathing I abstain
My life you destroy, yet my breathing you sustain.
In the dark night of the soul, I was growing insane,
Drinking from the cups that your features contain.
Suddenly in my arms, you appeared, clear, plain;
With my lips on your lips, my life and soul gain and drain.
Be joyful with Hafiz, with love enemies detain,
With such potent love, impotent foes self-restrain.












For years I followed the drunken trail
Until my wisdom put greed in jail.
From my ashes, like Phoenix I rose
With Solomonís bird ended this tale.
Aid my wounded heart, infinite treasure
It is in your love, destitute, I wail.
Made a vow, never to kiss the cup again;
Foolís advice has no option but to fail.
My own old habits all turned stale,
I got what I asked, His wind in my sail.
In my state, my own will was of no avail
I followed my guidance to the detail.
I seek eternal bliss in Paradise
Though I am a mere servant of the Grail.
The wisdom of my gray head will testify
To years of patience with lifeís hailstorm and gale.
Like Hafiz, I gained all my good habits
From the commandments, holy books entail.
If I am Master of poetic verse and scale
Wonder not, for years I served the Master of the veil.













With a flood of tears, to sleep, I found my way
Thinking of you, in vain, I'd long and pray
To the vision of your brow I lost my cloak
I'd drink to the corner of the altar, old and gray.
Each thought that like a bird flies out as words
The strings of your hair would pluck and play.
Your face, like a vision, in my mind would form and fade
I kiss the face of the moon from far away.
My eyes follow the wine-bearer, ears the harp
Perhaps my eyes and ears my fortune would say and sway.
Till the morn, I paint the picture of your face
On the canvass of the eyes, while sleepless I lay.
With every song, the bearer would give me a cup
I'd sing a song, then drink without delay.
Happy was the time, Hafiz, and good fortune
In the name of long life and lovers every day.
















Though I am old and decrepit and weak
My youth returns to me every time your name I speak.
Thank God that whatever my heart ever desired
God gave me that, and more than I ever could seek.
O young flower, benefit from this bounty
In this garden I sing through a canaryís beak.
In my ignorance I roamed the world at first
In thy longing, I have become wise and meek.
Fate directs my path to the tavern, in life
Though many times I stepped from peak to peak.
I was blessed and inspired on the day
That at the abode of the Magi spent a week.
In the bounty of the world, await not your fate
I found the Beloved, when of wine began to reek.
From the time I was entrapped by thy eyes
I was saved from all traps and paths oblique.
The old me, befriended the unreliable moon
Passage of time is what makes me aged and weak.
Last night came good news that said, O Hafiz
I forgive all your errs, even though may be bleak.














My fantasy of thy vision, my inner sight takes a peek
None like thee could anyone ever draw or speak.
Although in thy pursuit I ride the Northern wind
Left behind in your dust, however I try and seek.
Gave up hope of union, at least in this lifetime
Let go of heartís desires, wanting to kiss thy cheek.
For thy life-giving spring, many tears I shed
And to thy wine-bearer, I paid the price at its peak.
In thy love, cupidís arrows pierced my heart
Somber, laden on the path, I was the only freak.
O morning breeze, bring the aroma of His house
For in that aroma, my bleeding heart will reek.
Your sin was to enchant the heart of every man
Now I am the wild doe, from men heading for the creek.
That aromatic breeze coming from His house
My heart rent, and then left a bloody streak.
Upon whatever you touch and Hafizís sight, he swears
Without Thy face, all sights remain dark and bleak.
















Laden with my ignorant ties
Ashamed of the courageous and wise
May a hidden hand help me rise
Or else madness becomes my prize.
Of stars and fate ask of my eyes
That watch the havens until sunrise.
I kiss the cup that me apprise
Of the worldís turnings and its disguise.
Praise of wine-sellersí reprise
Praise of Godís bounty, why despise.
Grateful for my power and size
Unable to deal in deceit and lies.

Drunk like Hafiz, till my demise,
Hopeful of that angelís enterprise.





Like her hair, in my affairs there is a knot
Like my eyes, her grace will open my lot.
My redness is not from joy of the wine
Like a cup, my cheeks my bleeding heart blot.
The musicians, all play and sing in tune
If my song is out of tune, I lose my spot.
I am the night watchman of heart every night
Other than of the Beloved, I think not.
I am the magical poet whose magic words
From the reed draw sugar and fill a pot.
Her vision puts the eyes of Fate to sleep
O breeze, gracefully save me from dreamy rot.
I cannot find my friend upon the path that I trot
Whom can I speak a word to, and say what?
They used to say, Hafiz is false and fake, but
Her doorway is my only spot and plot.


If I find the dust under Beloved's feet
Use as eye-liners, draw a line, neat & discreet.
In your scent I have drowned, yet I have hope
Waves of my tears shall float my fleet.
Butterfly of my soul, Beloved seeks
Once finds that candle, joyously burns by its heat.
Think of me today, turn not away
Else tonight in pain, my prayers I repeat.
Beauty of your hair consoles every lover
Yet with their calmness, my calm defeat.
O breeze, bring me a scent of that wine
One whiff, my drunken state will treat.
If my friend's deceptions don't break my heart
Her every breath my spirit will replete.
Don't try to shed my dust from your clothes
From now on, even the wind, it shall cheat.
Hafiz, her sweet lips are my soul's seat
I live for the moment when soul and lips meet.















In the secret house of joy I idolize my desire
From your hair and face, my feet are on fire.
I am a dervish, a lover, I drink & sing out aloud
Angelic Beauty, my name and fame inspire.
If for this you throw me out on the street
With the sigh of morning breeze I rise higher.
With a glimpse at Beloved's colorful face
My melancholic face with a red blush I retire.
If you walk towards the house of the lovers
I greet you with candy, wine and music of lyre.
With your eyes' darts & your hair's rope you come
From my wounded heart, battles, I require.
O Hafiz, happiness & pain both expire
I'd better for peace of mind, inquire.









I have made a sacred oath
For as long as I have a soul
His supporters and I both
As my own soul, I extol

The joy of peace of the mind
In that radiant flower find
Light of eyes and heart combined
The moon, so radiant and whole

Tending to desires of the heart
Privately I make a start
Let the liar's venom part
And let friends play their role

There is a spruce in my yard
Casts a shadow that goes onward
In its shadow it's so hard
To miss tress of meadow & knoll

If armies of the good and fair
My heart trap and ensnare
Thank God my idol is there
From armies take their toll

Because of his ruby seal
Solomon's stories I steal
When with such greatness I deal
I put Satan on parole

O my Master, old and wise
My tavern habits don't criticize
To tell the cup my good byes
I break promise, not the bowl

O my rivals, go to sleep
For some time make it deep
With my friend silence I keep
And let my secrets out roll

In the meadows of his fate
I walk in a graceful state
Tulip and rose can just wait
And the petals seem so droll

Amidst friends, Hafiz's fame
Is to be out of control
There's no sorrow and no shame
When the King is his guiding pole









I won't hold his hands, if they cut me with a sword
Gladly accept the arrows that towards me have soared.
The bows of your brows let their arrows fly
Dying in your bosom I can gladly afford.
The hardships of life may bring me to my knees
The hands of the wine-bearer are the hands of the Lord.
Please, please rise up, O sunshine of hope
I am trapped in the hands of separation and discord.
O wise Tavern Master, help me in my hour of need
Let the youthful life, in my old age be restored.
Upon your locks of hair, last night, I made my vows
The floor is my bed, and your lap is my head-board.
Hafiz, burn all the masks that you have worn & stored
Fire of heart then can freely come out as your word.






Mourning the night of the dead, when I begin to wail
With my tearful lamentations, weave many a tale.
Remembering my home and friends, I cry so much
That the way of travelling, everyone will assail.
My home is with my friends, not in a strange land
O God, back to my friends, show and pave
my trail.
Only with God's grace, my companion on the path
I shall raise my flag at the Tavern of the Grail.
When will ever the youth take advice of the old?
Once again, young idols, ardently I love and hail.
My sole companion is the breeze & Northern Wind
Save the breeze, everyone, in befriending me shall fail.
The hope of my friend's home is my water of life
Let the scent of Shiraz upon the breeze set sail.
My tears rolled & displayed my faults upon my face
My slanderer is at home, I complain to what avail?
I heard Venus at dawn, while drawing open the veil
Enslaved to Hafiz's voice and sweet songs in detail.








Once again, if I find my way to the tavern of the Magi
The goodness of robe and rug Iíll gladly myself deny.
Like the pious, if today I put this wine behind
The keeper of the tavern will keep my cup far and dry.
And if moth-like, I spread my wings with ease
Into the heart of the flame, Iíll gladly fly.
Tell me not of Paradise, as long as I have your thought
With you in my heart, with nothing else identify.
The secret of my love is well kept within my heart
Is only given away with heartís cry and tearful eye.
Like a bird I took flight from my cage of dust and clay
In the hope of becoming prey to eagles flying high.
Embrace me like a harp in your bosom, pluck my strings
Else a reed upon your lips, put music to your sigh.
I will not tell another the tale of my broken heart;
My love and longing for you, my broken heart will dignify.
No matter how much beauty in Hafiz multiply
For your beauty, everything I will decry, and will die.
















In the hope of union, my very life, Iíll give up
As a bird of Paradise, this worldly trap I will hop.
In the hope of one day, being your worthy servant
Mastery of both worlds Iíll gladly drop.
May the cloud of guidance unload its rain
Before I am back to dust, into the air I rise up.
Beside my tomb bring minstrels and wine
My spirit will then dance to music and scent of the cup.
Show me your beauty, O graceful beloved of mine
To my life and the world, with ovation I put a stop.
Though I am old, tonight, hold me in your arms
In the morn, a youthful one, Iíll rise up.
On my deathbed give me a glimpse of your face
So like Hafiz, I too, will reach the top.







Last night I said, "put longing out of your brain."
Replied insane lovers are always put in chain.

His stature I compared with cypress and cedar
My sweetheart was upset with this image, must refrain.

Thoughtlessly opened my mouth, forgive me O Beloved,
Give me a sign dearest, so I know how thee entertain.

Yellow with shame, upsetting my Belovedís tender spirit
Bring forth red wine, and restore the flow in my facial vein.

O breeze of Belovedís land, how much more?
Iíll break up the houses, into the ruins, rivers drain.

I have now found the endless treasures of the Beloved
A hundred beggars like myself, on this path I can train.

O fortunate moon, remember me, Hafiz
While I pray that thy ever increasing bounty remain.



Next spring, giving up wine, I deny
Why fool myself? This Iíll never try.
Where is the minstrel, that all piety and mind
With the song of the harp and reed I defy.
In the noisy school, O heavy heart, O heavy heart
In the service of wine and love let sometime go by
Where is the fairness of life, bring me wine
Iíll tell the tale of many kings who now peacefully lie.
On Judgement Day, openly I show how I erred
Honest mistakes fear not, His mercy shall multiply.
Bring the messenger of dawn, distant midnight cry
With that majestic morning light will dissolve and fly.
This borrowed life, given to Hafiz to live and die
Will return to its owner, when His face identify.



Love of the Beloved and this wine, I will not leave behind
Repented a hundred times, but no more myself will bind.
Garden of Eden, Tree of Knowledge, and nymphs of Paradise
Will not compare to the clay of the abode of the undefined.
The lessons and affirmations of the wise are but one sign
I understood the sign, and need not repeat in my mind.
I am never aware of the secrets and state of my soul
Until myself in the midst of the tavern I find.
The worldly wise advised me to leave love behind
I need not fight myself, why make my soul misaligned?
Though appraised and judged by the citizens of my town,
I will not sing and dance upon the pulpit to the blind.
Hafiz the old Masters, the old Magi are wise and kind
Prostrated, with this dust I find myself entwined.






With your long curled eyelashes
You brought me a thousand doubts
When your sleepy eye flashes
A thousand pains in me come out.

O thou, companion of my heart
Memories of friends my mind depart
There is not a day that from the start
Your memory I do not tout.

The world is baseless and old
Lovers shout out and scold
Magic spells take their hold,
This is love's sorrowful route.

Separation puts me on fire
My circumstances are dire
May the nightly breeze inspire
With a whiff of what it's all about.

This world of space and time
For Beloved ain't worth a dime
Ruling the world is a crime
If Beloved is without.

If in my place, Beloved choose
Another, then I greatly lose
My life and soul I'll refuse
Curses upon myself I spout.

At dawn sings the nightingale
O Beloved, yourself unveil
In my head I cry and wail
Of yesternight's dreamy bout.

On my deathbed, when I rise
I'll head straight for Paradise
If only I can keep my eyes
Upon the flame your candle sprouts.

The tale of my desires
That I cry out and shout
Unmistakably inspires
What Hafiz said without doubt.



















In the tavern of the Magi I see the bright light of Divine
O what a light, such a delight, how can it so brightly shine?
Stop showing off to me, O pilgrim of the House of God
In that place you see the house, while I see Godís grand design.
Secrets of the divine, for myself I wish to define
This is a mindless design, myself I further misalign.
Painful heart, tearful eyes, sigh of the morn, cry of the night
These are the lot of mine, and are favors that Thou assign.
Each moment my fantasies, my phantasm of Thee refine
How could I share my visions? With whom open this heart of mine?
Fragrance of oriental perfumes do not begin to approach
That aromatic breeze, that life-giving morning sign.
Hafizís poetic and playful words do not malign
Because I consider him an ardent lover of Thine.


Hardships and sorrows, for sometime are mine
There is no cure, other than red wine.
Service of the Old Magi I won't leave,
My own benefit, in this I define.
With light of the jug, ascend joyous heights
Fate and time may have another design.
Sign of godliness, is only Love
Amidst the pious, I see no such sign.
Alas, in spite of my wandering eyes,
Two mirrors can't show that face, divine.
You, tall spruce and pine, by my streaming eyes,
I see the waters, but not spruce and pine.
In my drunken state, no-one gives me wine,
No-one with the heart, himself would align.
Of the thing I loved, do not ask of me,
I have become naught, speck of dust so fine.
Hafiz's boat and I, only in this sea
Have pearls of words, that brightly shine.















If from this ruined house, homeward bound
And if I arrive there sane and sound
And from this journey, safely return
I promise to enter the first tavern on my round.
I will tell on this path what I found
To the temple Iíll dance, cup in hand, to harpís sound.
If those upon the path speak of their heartache
Strangers to the path will not see my face frowned.
From now on my hands will only brush Belovedís locks
My insane heartís desires, my senses hound.
If I see the brow of my Belovedís face
I will prostrate, and constantly kiss the ground.
Happy is the moment that like Hafiz with His help
We too are happily with Beloved homeward bound.








From the Old Magi I have a sacred oath and decree
Forbidden drinking wine, where Beloved will not be
I want to rend my shirt, what else to do with being fake?
Mean words are a torture that souls flee.
Unless Beloved's lips grant my wish and nurture mine
At the gate of the tavern I'll remain a refugee.
Has He forgotten my years of serving Him?
O morning breeze, remind Him, I plea.
Hundred years hence, if by chance you pass my grave
My decayed skeleton will dance with joy and much glee.
Beloved steals my heart with hundred hopes
Usually the great deliver on what they agree.
O bud, don't be upset with your fate and open up
Breath of morning breeze will refresh & set you free.
O heart, seek your healing some other way
For pain of Love, doctors have no remedy.
Seek the wisdom that you keep for ever more
Let others go for riches, fame and degree.
The path is tough, unless are touched by grace
From cursed Satan springs no gain for me.
Hafiz, thankfully face your poverty
Humble heart and sweet tongue is best for thee.











I expected friendship from my friends
How mistaken were my notions of these trends.
When will the tree of friendship bear fruit?
I have planted seeds of many strains & blends.
Dervishes keep away from discourses & discussions
Else my arguments, my talk, only offends.
I detected aggression in your piercing eyes
Forgive me and let me make peaceful amends.
The bud of your goodness remained closed
I became the gardener whom flowers tends.
Many wrongs were done, yet no-one complained
My silence, deference and respect extends.
Said, this friendship is what Hafiz intends
Not by our order his time, this way he spends.


Rose petals let us scatter
And fill the cup with red wine
The firmaments let us shatter
And come with a new design

If sorrow's soldiers incite
To shed lovers' blood tonight
With beloved I will unite
And his foundations malign

Pour the red wine with control
Like rose-water into the bowl
While fragrant breeze will roll
And sweet incense refine

With a harp on display
We ask the players to play
While clapping we sing and say
And dancing, our heads decline

Blow our dust O gentle breeze
And throw at the Master's knees
The Good King has the keys
While we glance at the sign

One boasts & brags with his mind
One weaves talks of idle kind
All the judgment that we find
Let the Judge weigh and define

If Eden is what you need
To the tavern let us speed
The jug of wine let us heed
And Paradise will be thine

Merry songs and fair speech
In Shiraz they do not teach
Another land let us reach
Hafiz, and then we shine


















I have said many a time, and Iíll say it once again
Though I move upon this path, another my path maintain.
Behind the veil parrot-like, I am trained and entertain
I repeat what the Master has taught me and had me retain.
If I am a thorn or rose, adorn the grass, it is vain
To think I can grow without the nurturing hand and rain.
O friends, do not think I am heartless and insane
In search of a connoisseur, I am a gem of unique grain.
Though wine with my colorful robe causes many pain
I will not fault the elixir that washes every stain.
The loversí laughter and cry many layers do contain
At night I compose, and in the morn cry out my gain.
Hafiz said, from breathing in dust of the tavern do refrain
Fault me not, this is the way that this aroma I regain.








Officers of King of the flowers the grass adorn
The meadows welcome O God, the newly born.
What a pleasant gathering was this royal feast
Each one is seated upon his own throne.
Let your Seal, seal the fate of the Royal Seal
With your name, Satan's hands are cut and torn.
This house is eternally the gateway through which
The winds of compassion are fragrantly blown.
Glory of the Mighty King, his mythic sword
Book of Kings, and its readers have all sworn.
Tamed the stallion of fate, put under saddle
Mighty Rider played polo, the ball is thrown.
In this land flowing waters became your sword
Planted seeds of Justice, and evil intent forlorn.
No wonder, with your goodness, if from now on
From deserts, upon the breeze musk is flown.
Hermits patiently await your good vision
Raise your hat, throw aside the mask you've worn.
Sought counsel of my mind, said, Hafiz, drink!
Listen to my trusted friend, pour me wine until the morn.
Gentle breeze bestow this feast with plentiful horn
The bearer, with a cup or two, those like me may scorn.










I am the infamous lover in this town
My eyes, evil seeds have never sown.
Be kind and work hard and live happily
Disbelievers in our creed are hurt and down.
I asked the Master of the tavern to show me salvation
Asked for a cup, said keeping secrets alone.
Why should my heart watch the gardens of this world?
With my pupils picking the flowers that are shown.
Revering wine, I washed away my own image
Selfishness cannot be when the self-image is unknown.
Itís Your lock of hair that keeps me firm on the ground
Without the pull of love, everything would drown.
Let us turn away towards the tavern, from hence
Upon the deedless words of preachers one must frown.
From the Beloved learn to love what is good
Good company happens to be the ultimate crown.
Hafiz kisses only the bearer and the cup
Keep away from the hypocrite wolf in sheepish gown.















I have something to say my dear, hear my word
While your jug is full, offer a drink and be a lord
On the path of Love, Devil tempts you a lot
Come, let your heart and soul be in accord.
The song was spoiled, and the string was no more
Tambourine shout out aloud, O harp, cry with your cord.
The rosary and gown will not bring you joy
Only the wine-seller, such bargains can afford.
The wise speak from experience, as I said
You too, my son, by age will be floored.
Love did not put its chains upon the mind
Those who sought lovers, intelligence abhorred
Share with your friends your worldly goods and time
Mark my word, for friends put your life at the sword.
O wine-bearer, may your cup always be full
With your grace, bring drunken me aboard.
Joyous, in golden garments, pass us by
Cast a glance at Hafiz in rags, a kiss, a word.


The green fields of fate were fully grown
While the new moonís sickle hung in the west.
I remembered the crops I had sown
It was now time for my harvest.

I said O fate, when will you awake?
The sun is up, it is now dawn-break.
Said, you have made many a mistake,
Yet keep hope and faith within your breast.

If like the Christ, this world you depart
With integrity and with a pure heart,
Your brightness will give a new start
To the sun, even shinning at its crest.

Donít seek your guidance in the skies
It is deceitful, though it seems wise.
It helped many kings majestically rise
Then brought them down at its own behest.

Though many jewels and rings of gold,
Necks and ears of many elegantly hold;
All the good times will one day fold.
With a clear mind listen, and a beating chest.

Donít sell the harvest that you reap
In the market of love, for so cheap;
For the moon, a nickel you keep,
And for the stars a dime at best.

From evil eyes may you be freed;
Fate rode the sun and moonís steed.
Hypocrites ruin their own creed and nest
Hafiz leaves without his dervishís vest.






















Tell me of my friend, my messenger of the Right
Tell the nightingale of the flower's condition & plight.
In the gathering of lovers, we are trusted, fear not
With trusted friends, speak of friendship's delight.
My head was agitated such with her fragrant hair
For God's sake, why the fire in my head thus ignite?
To those who say the dust of friend's home is vile
Say, speak of this while examining my eye-sight.
And to the ones who forbid the tavern and wine
Say, in my Master's presence speak not of your spite
And if anyone else, in your presence speaks
Tell them to pause for your prayerful respite.
Though I am a sinner, judge me not by my sins
You be the King & I, the mendicant, contrite.
To this poor man tell the tale of generous ones
With this beggar speak only of kingly might.
I sacrifice my life in the trap of your hair
O morning breeze speak of the stranger in the night.
The tale of the Knower, the Wise, nourishes the soul
Ask secrets of Him, and with your stories excite.
If to His feast, Hafiz, they would invite
Drink wine & throw away every deceitful rite.








Forever joy is my prize
With the wine of desire
Thankfully God gratifies
What I wish or require

O unpredictable fate
Embrace me like your mate
Sometimes golden cup and plate
Sometimes wine acquire

Drunk and insane is my game
It is my name and my fame
Unwise Elders will blame
And the Leaders for hire

From the recluse and devout
Loudly I repent and shout
The works of the pious doubt
"God forbid!" is my choir

O soul what can I say
Of pain of being away?
My eyes tearfully play
And my soul is on fire

To doubters it will not show
Such pain, who'll ever know?
The spruce will long to grow
Your face the moon inspire

Longing for your lips
Has Hafiz in its grips
Forget the night-school's tips
And prayers of morning crier



















If arrows fly
Down from the sky
We submit and lie
Looking up, on high

Virtue, goodness, piety
We know in variety
Yet it's impropriety
To ask our fate why

The elders we knew
Are only a few
Wine is overdue
Else silently sigh

I am the mad lover
In flower fields I hover
Repent & my sins uncover
God forbid I lie

Your kindness and care
With me did not share
Mirror hid its glare
Now I sigh & cry

Patiently forbear
The life that is there
I wish to declare
For union I die

Hafiz don't complain
For union try
Put up with the pain
Whenever it comes by





















Than eternal life, union is better
O God, give me that, which is better.
Cut me with a sword, and I said no word,
From foe keeping friend's secret is better.
In this path to die enslaved to the Lord
Than all the world, that Soul is better.
Ask healer of my painful discord
Will this invalid ever get better?
In shade of the spruce, the rose that was floored
Than ruby red blood, its dust is better.
O pious ones, with heavens I'm bored
Than paradise, this garden is better.
O heart, always, in His alley beg and hoard
He, who commands eternity is better.
O youth, with the advice of the old be in accord
Than youthful luck, old wisdom is better.
No eye has seen a gem that soared
That of the pearl of my ear is better.
Though from "Zendeh Rood" elixir of life poured
Than Isfahan, Our Shiraz is better.

Though friend's words sweetness stored
Than those words, Hafiz's is better.



Suddenly you rent the veil, what does it mean?
Left home, drunk with ale, what does it mean?
Locks in hand, the morning breeze, rivals obey
Serving all others to such detail, what does it mean?
King of the Good, mendicants to you pray,
Made your throne into a jail, what does it mean?
At first, in my hands, your locks you lay,
Later on, you make me frail, what does it mean?
Your loins talk in riddles and your words secrets say;
Cut me in the middle, to what avail? What does it mean?
You lure us with Love, and like pawns, you play
Each piece you play, you fail, what does it mean?
O Hafiz, if your lover into your heart finds her way
Familiar is your trail, and your tale, what does it mean?




Donít separate from me, thou dearer than my eyes
Solace to my soul, calmer of my heartís cries.
Lovers cannot reach the hem of His shirt
Their shirt of patience, with shreds dignifies.
Let not your fate and lot, mishaps for you devise
In ravishing the hearts, you win the highest prize.
O preacher of creed, you forbid me this love
I forgive your errs, you have not seen the Wise.
Why would the Beloved, Hafiz criticize
Exceeding the bound, ardently denies.











Early morning, drunk from the night before
Wine in hand, asked the harpist to play more.
For my mind's journey, sent forth supplies of wine
From Existence City, sent him to explore.

Beautiful wine-seller gave me a sip of wine
I was safe from trickster Fate's horror and gore.
The wine-bearer to me said, with arched brows,
O target, arrows of reproach on you pour
You won't gird your waist with such binding belt
If you see that it is yourself who becomes sore.
Go and lay this trap of yours for another bird
Phoenix, at great heights will fly and soar.
Yet bind, belt, and trap are from Kingly grace
To adore itself and show endless amour.
Friend and player and bearer are all He
Water and clay to this path are but the door.
Give wine and let our ship happily sail
Upon this endless ocean without a shore.
Hafiz, our existence is a metaphor
This dreamy tale we tour and implore.





I am drunk with Love, bearer, bring me some wine
This feast without a full jug, will run down and decline.
Describing that beauty, neither seems right and nor fair,
Musicians play on, and wine-bearer bring me wine.
My stature is now curved, and your rivals from now on
Won't tempt me through this door, with no other will align.
In my longings for Thy face, I, and hopeful desires,
In hope of union, I, fancy, and dream combine.
Intoxicated with those eyes, where do I find my cup?
Lovesick with vision of those lips, of answers there's no sign.
Hafiz, in search of the good, why put your heart on the line?
How can you quench one's thirst, through a mirage that may shine?










O thou, who considers separation of lovers fair
Keep lovers away from your side with your glare
I am thirsty in my desert, lead me to clear waters
With the hope of God's mercy, this path of yours you forbear.
You stole my heart, dissolved my soul, but
Better than you have treated me, of the others take care.
When my foes drink their wine from my cup
I cannot accept it, if fair you declare.
Listen fly; Phoenix's flight-path is not your air
You ruin your own name, and us you tire and wear.
Through your own deeds, you are now poor & bare
From complaints & your cries, I beg you, us spare.
Even kings, through their service fill their chair
Hope for nothing, if you will not do your share.



For a long time, has left me with concerns
Embraces strangers, yet lovers he spurns.
Not even upon my state had a glance
In this way, praise of the wise ones he earns.
Better to keep his arm in his sleeve
Hearts of the gifted artists, his hand churns.
Neither rose nor nightingale are spared the pain of love
One rends its garment, other crying, yearns.
He who seeks obedience in colorful & patched robes
His graceful eye, upon the ignorant turns.
He is the apple of my eyes, light of my soul
When tired me approaches him, he returns.
Jewels of the Holy Grail come from an unworldly mine
Why then beg for the potters' clay to make these urns?
O heart, O wise Master, experienced in love
Why then seek love from apprentices & interns?
You must pay for this your last pot of gold
Why beg this thief that gold & silver returns?
Insanity & madness, admittedly are my sins
Lover is enslaved to love, for love burns.
Spend your days free from blame & concerns
Expect naught from temporal world, Hafiz learns.








You, who are so proud of your name
If you are not in love, then shame!
Befriend not lovers, who are insane,
If sane sobriety is your fame.
Your head is sober from the wine of Love
Drinking grape juice is your game.
Melancholic face and painful cries,
Make lovers' pain, somewhat tame.
Hafiz, let go of infamy and name,
Seek more wine, your drunkenness inflame.













In the spring, open your heart to joyous infusions
Like flowers open up, or stay in muddy collusions.
I cannot tell you to befriend this, or drink that
Wit and wisdom display your own solutions.
Strings of the harp sing out the same advice
When worthy, you will reach your conclusions.
Each blade of grass speaks of its life's tale
Alas if self-absorbed you're free from inclusions.
Worry not, else you will lose your precious now
If stuck in day's and night's revolutions.
Though fears are strewn upon the path of Love
easy if free from destination's confusions.
O Hafiz, if fortune upon you smiles
Become prey to that Witness of illusions.






The fame of your virtuous deeds
Like my love have reached a peak
Joy is what everyone needs
Neither can fade, nor are weak

Wine, imagination will find
Is outside the realm of mind
No metaphor of any kind
Can transcend wine-speak

My purpose will come about
On the day that I find out
You granted without a doubt
The union that I seek

When with you, I stay
A year is just like a day
And the times you are away
A moment, a year-long streak

A vision of your face
In my dreams I trace
In my wakefulness I chase
My dreams to have a peek

Your grace on my heart bestow
As your love & kindness grow
My weakness will clearly show
Like a crescent, lean & meek

Hafiz, don't groan & blame
If for union you aim
Not for a day or a week;
Of separation you must reek.

Neither Hafizís heart is in lessons so grand
Nor the teacher can fully understand.















O heart, the street of Love is no more your promenade
You've packed your belongings and just sit in the shade.
Polo stick in your hands, yet you don't play the ball
The Royal hawk on your arm, yet will not hunt or raid.
Your boiling blood flows through your veins and heart
Yet you let the vision and image of your Beloved fade.
In spite of the fragrant breeze, you let your temperament freeze
The wind goes to your friend's house, yet behind you've stayed.
From this garden you don't pick any roses for yourself
Because of the thorns that now you avoid and degrade.
A hundred perfumes, you've kept stored up your sleeves
Yet not one upon the Beloved's hair you've sprayed.
You've thrown the gentle cup and tender wine away
And not think when drunk, what will come to your aid.
If slaves of everyone the Wise King has made
Hafiz, you won't yield and succumb to this trade.

A traveler in a strange land
Took a stranger by the hand,
You will only see clarity of the wine
If for forty days you let it stand.
God keep us from the dervishís cloak
That conceals an idol in every strand.
Though virtue needs no recognition
Let helping the needy be your errand.
O you, the owner of the harvest
Keep your harvesters from reprimand.

Where has all the joy gone?
Why is the pain of love so bland?
Every chest is gloomy, dark and sad;
Let loveís flame in hearts be fanned.
Without the finger of lovers
For golden rings thereís no demand.
Though Beloved seems to be so harsh
The lover accepts every command.
Walk to the tavern and I will ask,
Have you seen the end you have planned?
Neither Hafizís heart is in lessons so grand
Nor the teacher can fully understand.





In the land of the Magi, none like me, can be lost
Pawned my gown in a place, in another, my books, I must.
My heart, mirror of the King, is all covered with dust,
I pray for a clear word, light up the path that I must.
I repent, no more wine, from the beautiful seller;
Drinking wine, without that face, is but lust.
Narcissus may mock your ways, you keep calm,
Insight, blind-in-the-heart, will not trust.
None but candle can speak of this tale,
Why, the moth, in this tale, only goes bust.
My tears run from my eyes, streaming down,
To grow beauty by my side, this is my cost.
Bring me a vessel of wine; without my friend,
My eyes, flood like the sea, with heart's disgust.
I praise my Beloved, speak to me of no other,
For wine and Beloved, I fear none I distrust.
Infidel played the reed beside the gates of the Tavern.
What a lovely song, played, in my heart, the morning gust.
If Godliness comes from what Hafiz has
Alas, if after today, morrow ain't lost.








Salutations to the day of friendshipís delight
To the pupils that have seen the light.
Greeting the heart of the righteous, bright,
To the candle of the sanctuary of the right.

From among my friends, I see none remain
Bring wine for my heart, bleeding, contrite.
From the abode of the Magi donít turn away
There, you will find the key to your plight.
Bride of the World, in goodness, extreme
Has taken infidelity to extreme height.
If my tired heart has no more resolve,
From heavy hearted will seek no respite.
Where do they sell that intoxicating wine
So false piety I can leave, and take flight.
Unfaithful friends broke their promises
As though it was in their own spite.
If you let me, O spirit of avarice
In begging clothes Iíll rule with kingly might.
Iíll teach you the alchemy that causes bliss
From bad friends take flight, take flight.

Hafiz be content with the hardships of fate
In your night, divine light is out of your sight.





Drink wine and spread flowers
Of Fate what do you seek?
The rose said in early hours
Nightingale, what do you speak?

In the garden take your seat
Both Beloved & bearer greet
Breath in flowers and wine replete
Lip to lip and cheek to cheek

Let flowers strut their stuff
In the garden sing and laugh
And call the spruce's bluff
Let your stature rise and peak

The Rose bud's smiling face
Whose attention will it grace
Whom do you wish to embrace
O Rose bud, tender & meek?

In the marketplace today
Your buyers willingly pay
Be alert and stash away
Riches in your lucky streak

The candle flame of Goodness
The wind of Fate will caress
Commit and your art bless
With goodness shine and reek

Each curl of your hair
Is priceless and so rare
Seek joy and joy spare
And gently take a peek

In the garden of the King
Birds use their feather & beak
Nightingales gaily sing
Hafiz, the poetic geek

Hafiz by © Shahriar Shahriari, Los Angeles